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Samskritam - Sanskrit

A department for promoting Sanskrit - The Centre for Sanskrit Studies - is also functioning at the AVP Headquarters in Coimbatore. This department conducts camps and courses to promote the awareness about Sanskrit (Samaskritam) and increase proficiency in the language.

Learning Sanskrit is an indispensable part of getting properly grounded in our cultural heritage and goes a long way in enabling the younger generation to imbibe spiritual values.

Sanskrit has been the language of documentation in this civilisation for ages. Sanskrit is the key that opens this treasure house of knowledge, be it science or arts.

This department is a tribute to Arya Vaidyan PV Rama Varier, founder of The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, who always acted against the step-motherly attitude to sanskritam.
Courses offered by The Centre for Sanskrit Studies

* Ten days' Spoken Sanskrit Course - two hrs daily; for students of all age groups; no prior knowledge in Sanskrit is necessary.
* Three months' Certificate Course on Basic Sanskrit - weekly once; for students of all age groups.
* Guidance for Sanskrit Studies
* Guidance for higher Education in Sanskrit
* Sanskrit Course from LKG to 5th standard.

Objectives of which are:

On completion of the course

i. the student should be able to read, write and speak sanskrit well
ii. He/She should have the general idead of ancient sanskrit literature
iii. He/She should be able to chant around 700 slokas of Bhagavad Gita
iv. He/She should be conversant with Lalitasahasranama and Vishnusahasranama