Unearth the timeless beauty secret of Kanaka Thailam, as whispered in the sacred pages of Ayurveda! Each ingredient, meticulously chosen, plays a vital role in enhancing your beauty and helps to lighten your skin’s radiance.

“Kanaka” in Sanskrit, meaning Gold, holds a promise – with regular use, your face will gleam and glow as brilliantly as this precious metal.

Kanaka Thailam is a testament to the ancient art of healing, encapsulating centuries of wisdom and devotion in every drop, as it unfolds the secrets of nature’s marvel.

Curious facts behind the science of Radiance

Our carefully selected ingredients are celebrated in Ayurvedic texts for their “Varnya” properties, promising to enhance your beauty and complexion like never before.

Our unique blend of herbs is expertly crafted to balance the fiery Pitta dosha, making it your go-to solution for tackling pigmentation issues.

Most herbs in Kanaka Thailam have qualities like being smooth and light. The smooth quality helps make your skin soft and glowing, while the quality of lightness gives your skin a radiant and bright appearance.

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A divine amalgamation unfolds as licorice decoction mingles with the essence of red sandalwood infused herbal paste, all cradled within the nurturing embrace of virgin sesame oil. This sacred Vidhi births Kanaka Thailam, a testament to centuries of wisdom and reverence. 

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In the relentless battle against daytime elements like rays and pollution, our Vaidyas sought refuge in the ancient Vidya of Bhaishajya Ratnavali, uncovering the recipe of Kanaka Thailam. Crafted with meticulous care, this sacred formula shields and illuminates, preserving the innate beauty, ensuring your radiance remains untarnished amidst external aggressors. 

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A seamless tapestry of dedication and mastery unfurls each day at AVP, as a collective of skilled artisans’ coverage to forge Kanaka Thailam. At its core stand the esteemed Vaidyas, custodians of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, whose profound understanding illuminates the path of this artisanal journey with unparalleled grace and reeverance. 

Apply 2 to 3 drops of Kanaka Thailam on clean face

Massage and spread gently ensuring it covers the entire face.

Apply regularly at night time for best results. Wash off with a mild cleanser or lukewarm water after one hour.

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