In the heart of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, we discovered a secret, a legacy that transcends time. From the hallowed verses of sacred scriptures to the gleaming spotlight of modern indulgence, AVP brings you Kumkumadi Thailam the elixir that has been cherished for centuries.

This exquisite formula is not just about beauty; it pays homage to the women across generations, celebrating their bravery that goes beyond mere appearance. The timeless elegance of Kumkumadi Thailam has graced several generations and now, it is your turn to experience its grandeur.

We exclusively harvest the saffron stigma, where the true enchantment resides and not the entire flower, to craft our Kumkumadi Thailam!
Behold the purity of our product – We have harnessed the very essence of the lotus – its stamen – in our formulation, leaving no room for compromise.

Our commitment to authenticity compels us to exclusively source the heartwood of Sandalwood and not the sapwood, unlocking its unparallel therapeutic benefits, a true rarity in the industry.

We go the extra mile in every drop of luxury and hence our Kumkumadi Thailam is enriched with the authenticity of Goat’s milk for a gentle, moisture-retaining radiance that is truly exceptional.

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Kumkumadi Thailam, a living testament to the artistry of the craftsmanship and the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, represents a labour of love unlike any other.​

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What you hold in your hands transcends the ordinary: AVP Kumkumadi Thailam is a marvel of herbal alchemy, curated as per the ancient Vidya that stood the test of time!​

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At its core, our team of botanists and Vaidyas meticulously curate the ancient ingredients, safeguarding their innate purity and authenticity.​

Apply 2 to 3 drops of Kumkumadi Thailam on clean face

Massage and spread gently ensuring it covers the entire face.

Apply regularly at night time for best results. Wash off with a mild cleanser or lukewarm water after one hour.

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