AVP Vasti Equipment – Set of 4 items

Set of 3 Vasti Equipments one in bronze, stainless steel and reusable material for the different types of Vasti treatment.


  • This is a set of 3 Vasti yantrams or equipment for different types of Vasti treatment – Bronze, Stainless Steel and Resuable surgical plastic material
  • It helps to cleanse or stimulate the emptying of your bowel. This procedure has been used for years to treat constipation and similar issues.
  • Using the Vasti Equipment helps in constipation of severe condition that slows down the movement of your stool.
  • The reusable vasti yantram made from surgical plastic can be sterlized and used multiple times for the treatment for a single person


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Product Description

Vasti Karma is considered as the most important procedure in five fold panchakarma theraphy. It is a special instrument used for enemata theraphy.

Size – 19 cm length

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