Jeevanthyadi Gritham

A wholesome Ayurvedic formulation that supports overall eye health! AVP Jeevanthyadi Gritham is a combination of selected herbs processed in pure cow’s ghee and milk, that promotes clarity of vision and is beneficial in degenerative conditions of the eye.


  • Preserves and promotes eye health
  • Beneficial in Short sightedness
  • Helps manage degenerative conditions of the eye
  • Aids to relieve dry eyes and eye strain


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Product Description

Prolonged exposure to factors such as dust, natural ageing process, extended periods spent in front of computer screens, and similar conditions can lead to a range of symptoms, including refractive errors, dryness, redness, fatigue, strain etc. AVP Jeevanthyadi Gritham is a  therapeutic ghee formula that can support the health of the eyes from within and is beneficial in degenerative eye diseases.

The bioactive compounds of AVP Jeevanthyadi Gritham help to reduce the severity of eye problems. Most of the ingredients in the Gritham are included in the Chakshushya group (herbs that are good for the eyes) according to Ayurvedic literature. The main ingredient Jeevanti balances the three doshas and complements other herbs such as Triphala, Kakoli, Yashtimadhu, Lodhra etc. in the formulation.

AVP Jeevanthyadi Gritham has versatile uses and may be used to consume internally or externally for the therapeutic procedure called “Akshi Tharpanam”. The Gritham formulation with its nourishing ingredients acts beneficial in high Myopia and Vata vitiated conditions such as dry eyes, eye strain, age related macular degeneration etc.

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