Ayushman Ayurvedic Soap 75gm

A new definition of Ayurveda self care! AVP Ayushman Ayurvedic Soap brings together the goodness of Cardamom and other 26 finest herbal ingredients to nourish and naturally rejuvenate the skin.


  • Ayurvedic soap for skin health
  • Aids cleansing and purification
  • Helps reduce itching and rashes
  • Beneficial in skin diseases
  • Promotes healing and aids soothening


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Cruelty - Free

Made With
Safe Herbs

Free from Preservatives

GMP Certified

Product Description

A holistic skin care routine starting and ending with an invigorating bath can immensely benefit the body. Using an Ayurvedic soap enriched with herbs and pure coconut oil enhances the freshness and revitalises the skin. Ayushman Ayurvedic Soap from the house of AVP is a proprietary product designed to suit the gentleness of human skin, without causing dryness.

Inspired from the group of Eladi gana mentioned in Ayurvedic treatises, Ayushman Ayurvedic Soap is a rich combination of premium ingredients, carefully selected for their potent healing properties. It deeply nourishes the skin and helps reduce the frequency and severity of skin conditions. Ingredients like Kushta, Tagara, Devadaru etc. acclaimed for their skin-friendly benefits, help soothe and promote healthy glowing skin.

The ingredients in Ayushman Ayurvedic Soap are processed in pure coconut milk and oil that helps retain natural skin moisture. It helps cleanse away impurities, unclog pores, and control excess oil, leaving the skin feeling fresh, balanced, and revitalised, for long.

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