Gandha Thailam Gel Capsule

  • Made with safe herbs such as Tilam, Balam and Rasna that helps to strengthen the joints
  • Promotes vitamin D and calcium which nourishes the joints and makes it healthy and strong
  • Nourishes your bone from within and strengthens your joints, thus giving long-lasting relief from degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis
  • Favors healing faster, enhances strengthen the joints and beneficial in arthritis.



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Made With
Safe Herbs

Free from Preservatives

GMP Certified

Product Description

Gandha thailam capsule is an ayurvedic medicine that is helpful for joint care and enhancing bone strength. It can help in providing relief from joint pain and associated symptoms. It is one of the medicines that can be helpful in healing all problems related to the joints.

It is an ayurvedic medicine for bone strength. It helps to strengthen joints and bones. This ensures the joints are in good condition. It helps to remove toxins and strengthen tissues. This prevents pain and helps to alleviate vata imbalance.


As Directed by An Ayurvedic Physician.

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