Easelax Plus Capsules 30’s


Easelax Plus Capsules Herbal Formula for Healthy Bowel Movements and Relief from Constipation
Balancing Bowels the Ayurvedic Way!

A premium Ayurvedic formulation to support normal defecation! Easelax Plus Capsules from The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd. gently cleanses the system while aiding natural relief from occasional constipation.


  • Aids smooth and comfortable bowel movements
  • Supports digestive health
  • Promotes regularity
  • Easy to carry and consume
No. of Capsules

30 tablets


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Product description

Constipation is one of the very common issues faced by people across the world. On a global scale, the average occurrence of constipation among adults has been approximated at 16%. While the causes can be multifactorial ranging from improper diet to an underlying condition, a gentle herbal aid that helps ease the bowel movements can dramatically change the quality of life of millions.

AVP Easelax Plus Capsules is a combination of 4 constituents – Triphala (fruit of 3 herbs) and Swarnapatri. Triphala is traditionally acclaimed for its ability in promoting smooth bowel movements. Swarnapatri also contains active constituents that help soften the stool by assisting the intestine to soak up more water and adding bulk to faeces.

The inclusion of Swarnapatri helps fortify the effects of Triphala and the formulation as a whole helps in providing digestive comfort. Crafted with precision and care, these capsules gently cleanse the system and offer a soothing relief from constipation and promote regularity.

Key Ingredients

Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)
Harithaki (Terminalia chebula)
helps balance Tridoshas and aids removal of accumulated toxins
Amla (Emblica officinalis)
Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)
rich in antioxidants and balances Pitta dosha
Aksha (Terminalia bellirica) (1)
Aksha (Terminalia bellirica)
supports healthy digestion and evacuation of bowel
Swarnapatri (Cassia angustifolia) (1)
Swarnapatri (Cassia angustifolia)
sennosides in the herb help soften the stool and aids relief in constipation


2 capsules once daily, at bedtime or as directed by the Ayurvedic Physician


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Not needed. You can buy it online.
However, it is advisable to consume the same under the guidance of a trained Ayurvedic physician.

What does it contain? + Net Qty

AVP Easelax Plus Capsules is a healthy combination of 4 ingredients - Triphala (fruits of 3 herbs) and Swarnapatri, renowned for their action in supporting healthy bowel movements Net quantity - 30 capsules container


AVP Easelax Plus Capsules with its peculiar combination of ingredients gently cleanses the system and offers soothing relief in constipation. It also promotes regularity in bowel movements.


  • Diarrhoea
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • IBS


Please Note: In all the above conditions, consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner for expert opinion before consuming the product.


1. Are there any side effects for Easelax Plus Capsules?

AVP Easelax Plus Capsules contains four herbal ingredients in adequate proportions. There are no known side effects when the formulation is taken as per the dose mentioned above. Contact a registered Ayurvedic practitioner to find out the optimum dose according to your body type.

2. Are there any contraindications for Easelax Plus Capsules?

AVP Easelax Plus Capsules are considered generally safe for adults as there are no harmful chemicals. However, the formulation can promote bowel evacuation and hence pregnant women and children are advised to take the product under medical supervision only.

3. Can I take Easelax Plus Capsules if I have any disease conditions?

AVP Easelax Plus Capsules does not contain any harmful ingredients in it. But it can naturally cause bowel movements and hence should be used with caution. Improper dosage may cause loose stools and care should be taken to avoid dehydration and fatigue if used during illnesses.

4. I have a few more questions. Can I get an expert’s help?

At AVP, we have qualified Ayurveda Physicians to provide expert opinion on all your health concerns. Please click here to consult a registered Ayurveda Practitioner, now.

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