Amrutharishtam is a Well-Known Formula For Fever, Aids Optimum Digestive Activity and Helps Relieve Body Pain And Arthritis
Therapeutic Relief, Fast and Effective!

An authentic formulation for fever and associated conditions! AVP Amrutharishtam is a naturally fermented composition that is widely used for managing raised body temperature and related discomforts.


  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Boosts appetite and improves digestive activity
  • Assists to impart relief from seasonal cold and cough
  • Helps reduce different kinds of pain associated with fever
  • Restores the state of well-being after fever
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Product description

Fever is not just an illness, but also the body’s common reaction to any disease. Digestive activity is often compromised during such fever episodes which also needs to be managed efficiently. Amrutharishtam is one such time-tested formulation that helps correct the digestive action while simultaneously lowering the raised body temperature.

The health benefits of Amrutharishtam is enhanced by the synergy of more than 20 herbs. The main ingredient, Amritha, is like nectar that promotes vitality and longevity. This combination involves Dashamoola (group of 10 roots) and Trikatu (dry ginger – pepper – long pepper) which are renowned for their action on inflammatory conditions and digestive system respectively. The formulation also helps to provide comfort in case of associated body aches and swollen joints.

Fever can disrupt digestion and metabolism. Ingredients like Trikatu and Musta improve digestion while Indrayava, Parpataka etc. help regulate bowel movements. Thus, the formulation holds an essential role in bestowing a healthy digestion during and after fever attacks. It also aids in relieving various respiratory symptoms associated with fever such as common cold and recurrent cough.

Key Ingredients

Amritha (Tinospora cordifolia)
a Tridosha balancing herb, rich in antioxidants, helps reduce inflammatory changes and elevated body temperature
Musta (Cyperus rotundus)
Musta (Cyperus rotundus)
flavonoids assists in uplifting the compromised immune system and aids to eliminate toxins
Parpataka (Fumaria parviflora)
Agryoushada (the best) for Fever as per Ayurveda
Triphala ( Group of 3 herbs)
Trikatu (group of 3 spices)
helps correct appetite and digestion


Adults (18+ years)
25 to 30 ml twice daily after food
Children (5+ years)
10 to 15 ml twice daily after food or as directed by the Registered Ayurvedic Physician


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Not needed. You can buy it online.
However, it is advisable to consume the same under the guidance of a trained Ayurvedic physician.

What does it contain? + Net Qty

450 ml AVP Amrutharishtam is a rich blend of more than 20 herbs and spices like Musta, Parpataka, Guduchi, Dasamoola etc. which are renowned for their action in maintaining body temperature within normal limits.


AVP Amrutharishtam is a traditionally acclaimed formulation that helps reduce high body temperature as in Fever, corrects digestion and aids relief in associated body ache, cold, cough etc.


Please Note: In all the above conditions, consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner for expert opinion before consuming the product.


1. Can we consume Amrutharishtam for all types of Fevers?

AVP Amrutharishtam is a perfect blend of herbs that help regulate body temperature. Hence it is beneficial in Fevers of different types. However, fever can occur due to many reasons and hence it is important to take appropriate advice from your Ayurveda Practitioner to ensure what suits best for you.

2. Does Amrutharishtam work in Arthritis?

Arthritis is a joint condition sometimes seen associated with hampered appetite and digestion issues. In such cases, it is important to address the digestion problems primarily. AVP Amrutharishtam contains spices like Dry ginger, Pepper etc. which help correct the digestive activity and hence your Ayurveda Practitioner may suggest the formulation if needed.

3. Does Amrutharishtam prevent seasonal cold and cough?

AVP Amrutharishtam is a blend of more than 20 herbs that possess different systemic actions on their own. It may be taken in optimum dose from the beginning of such episodes that could help arrest the progression of the condition.

4. Is Amrutharishtam safe for children?

AVP Amrutharishtam contains only herbal ingredients as per the traditional recipe. It is delicious and hence not difficult for the children to consume as well. Hence, the formulation may be given in proper dose according to their age and body weight.

5. Can I have Amrutharishtam if I have any other disease condition?

AVP Amrutharishtam does not contain ingredients that could potentially react with the body or any other medications. However, if you have Diabetes or any other chronic conditions, it is important to consult a Registered Ayurveda Practitioner before consuming the product.

6. I have a few more questions. Can I get an expert’s help?

At AVP, we have qualified Ayurveda Physicians to provide expert opinion on all your health concerns. Please click here to consult a registered Ayurveda Practitioner, now.

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