Panchakolakulathadi Kashayam 200ml

Balance, digest and thrive naturally! AVP Panchakolakulathadi Kashayam is a remarkable formulation to support healthy digestion while providing potential benefits in managing PCOS, arthritis, and high cholesterol levels.


  • Boosts digestive activity and appetite
  • Supports uterine health and PCOS management
  • Helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Good for Arthritis and joint health


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Product Description

In Ayurveda, it is acknowledged that the disruption of Agni, the digestive fire, serves as the fundamental origin of various illnesses. Ayurveda acknowledges an array of spices renowned for their therapeutic properties, as they play a crucial role in maintaining the digestive fire and providing extensive relief from diverse ailments. Panchakola stands out as an exemplar within this category, encompassing five significant spices known for their multifaceted benefits.

Panchakolakulathadi Kashayam is an innovative decoction developed by AVP combining the benefits of both Panchakola and Kulattha (horse gram) in one formulation. The range of spices Pippali, Root of Pippali, Chavya, Chitraka and Nagara blend with Kulattha in this formula. The hot potency of the ingredients boost appetite by kindling the digestive fire thereby optimising digestive activity.

Panchakolakulathadi Kashayam is beneficial in the initial stage of Arthritis where the digestive activity is usually greatly compromised. The addition of Horsegram facilitates in supporting uterine health thereby helping in correcting menstrual delay, PCOS etc. It also helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels by assisting in managing optimum LDL and HDL levels in the body.

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