Nannari Syrup | 750ml

Indulge in the refreshing journey of flavours and benefits with AVP Hitham Nannari syrup, a traditional blend that combines the earthy flavours of Indian Sarsaparilla with the aromatic blend of Indian spices.


  • Cools down the body
  • Encompasses anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties
  • Instantly quenches thirst
  • Refreshes body from within


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Product Description

Hydration is an essential factor in maintaining overall wellness and is often disregarded. Human body is composed of approx. 60% of water content and hence lack of fluids can cause fatigue and other dehydrating symptoms such as excessive thirst, dry skin and sometimes light headedness.

AVP Hitham Nannari Syrup is a delightful fusion of Indian sarsaparilla and aromatic herbs cardamom, clove, pepper and dried ginger that instantly quenches the thirst, and cools down the body with a refreshing touch in every sip.

AVP Hitham Nannari Syrup is a go-to formula in the scorching summers as it instantly hydrates and nourishes the body from within. It not only hydrates the body but also offers an array of health benefits. Nannari is renowned for its blood purifying and anti-inflammatory action that helps manage skin conditions and promotes internal well-being.

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