Maharasnayogarajagulgulu Kashayam 200ml

Heal, and thrive with Ayurvedic relief! AVP Maharasnayogarajagulgulu Kashayam is a potent 2-in-1 herbal formula that combines the healing power of Maharasnadi Kashayam and Yogaraja Gulgulu, meticulously crafted to provide relief and rejuvenation for the joints.


  • Helps relieve pain and inflammatory changes
  • Assists in restoring joint mobility
  • Supports joint health
  • Aids relief in all Vata related disorders


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Product Description

Ayurvedic therapeutic measures often involve a combination of herbs and formulations to aid faster relief. At AVP, we duly consider the convenience of our consumers and constantly introduce new products to make it simple for them. Maharasnayogarajagulgulu Kashayam is one such innovative formulation combining the goodness of two renowned formulations in one.

AVP Maharasnayogarajagulgulu Kashayam combines the therapeutic benefits of Maharasnadi Kashayam and Yogaraja Gulgulu, two authentic compositions used in Vata disorders. The potent ingredients of both the formulations come together in this decoction aiding relief in Arthritis and other joint disorders. It helps reduce pain and stiffness associated with Arthritis, Frozen shoulder, Paralysis and similar Vata conditions.

Ingredients like Rasna, Bala, Eranda, Punarnava, Sahachara, Gulgulu etc. in the decoction are potent herbs that help arrest inflammatory changes in the body. Thus it helps in alleviating discomfort related to all joint problems, enhancing mobility and range of movements.

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