Ginger Syrup | 750ml

A harmonious blend of fiery ginger and tangy lemon spiced up with traditional Indian spices and tulsi for a zesty freshness and added medicinal benefits. This healthy drink warms up the body from within and aids in faster relief of common colds, coughs, and headaches.


  • Helps improve metabolism
  • Useful in cold, cough and headache
  • Aids in improving immunity
  • Improves digestion


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Product Description

AVP Hitham Ginger Syrup is a warming and tangy blend of ginger, tulsi and lemon that helps combat free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, and promoting cellular health.

AVP Hitham Ginger Syrup is enriched with Vitamin C and rejuvenating properties with a characteristic tangy flavour that helps boost immunity, improves digestion, and promotes overall well-being.

Sulk in the benefits of this syrup to experience the exquisite taste of sacred herbs, tulsi, lemon and ginger.

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