AVP Fibre or FRP Massage Bed for Ayurvedic massage and treatment

Fibre (FRP) massage bed with brass fittings for Ayurveda massage. The dimensions of the bed are 9.5 feet (Length) X 2.6 feet (Width) X 5 inch(Thickness).

  • AVPs Fibre massage bed or FRP options is an alternate to the traditional wooden massage bed. This bed is 9.5 feet in length and 2.6 feet in width.
  • This massage bed comes with extra head room for a comfortable positioning of the neck.
  • The wooden stand is 33 inches or 3 feet in height, is detachable and ideal height that comes in line with the hip joint.
  • This massage bed can be cleaned with a warm damp cloth after every massage session and does not support bacterial growth.

Estimated Delivery Time : 15 – 20 days from the date of order.

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Product Description

AVP Fibre massage bed with wooden stand is made up of medicinal wood which gives relaxation in having a better experience in spa. This bed is commonly used in Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) with warm oil and is designed with extra head room to ensure a comfortable neck position during massage sessions.

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