Aloe vera Syrup | 750ml

Indulge in the rich and authentic taste of AVP Hitham Dry Grape Syrup, a premium concoction crafted to refresh and boost your energy levels. This exquisite syrup blends the essence of sun-dried grapes and Indian herbs, delivering a refreshing touch in every sip.


  • Rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants
  • Aids in body detoxification
  • Refreshing and cooling
  • Aids in boosting immunity


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Made With
Safe Herbs

Free from Preservatives

GMP Certified

Product Description

Detoxification is a natural process of flushing out harmful substances from the body. Nowadays, it has become necessary due to increased exposure to pollutants and other harmful substances. These toxins accumulate in tissues and cells causing an array of metabolic and chronic diseases.

AVP Hitham Aloevera Syrup is an exquisite blend of natural ingredients thoughtfully curated to rejuvenate cells and detoxify the body. It is spiced up with the addition of cardamom, clove, pepper, and dry ginger to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

The synergistic blend of Aloevera and digestive spices aids in kick-starting metabolism and body detox, thereby promoting internal balance and rejuvenation.

Apart from its detox properties, AVP Hitham Aloevera Syrup is known to support the immune function, promoting overall wellness

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