Ajamamsa Rasayanam – 400 g

Ajamamsa Rasayana is a well known traditional Ayurvedic formulation available in herbal jam. This is a non-vegetarian Ayurvedic medicine which is very effective in treating several disorders like loss of strength. This potent concoction is nutritive, carminative and anabolic in nature which aids in allowing the body to gain mass. Regular intake of this Ayurvedic medicine ensures strength, maintains general health, and stamina. It is also recommended for postnatal care when the body needs to recover.

  • Weight Gain
  • Body Mass
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Vigour


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Product Description

  • Ajamamsa Rasayana is a powerful medicine that helps gain weight without fattening Both obesity and emanciation are both unhealthy for a person Regularly consuming this medicine helps the body in gaining the necessary mass
  • This herbal jam revitalizes the bones, muscles and the whole body It helps to regain the loss of strength caused by any disease or treatment in convalescing patients
  • Regular intake of Ajamamsa Rasayana helps relieve cough, cold and other respiratory conditions.
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  • AVP The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd. Established in 1943 is a pioneer in the Ayurveda industry, and all of its 5NANA+ products are based on Ayurvedic principles using a mix of traditional and modern techniques at its GMP certified facility
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  • Ajamamsa Rasa – Nourishes The Body
  • Aswagandha – Works positively on improving physical and mental strength
  • Atmagupta – Acts as a nourishing, strengthening and aphrodisiac agent



  • Useful in treating Emaciation
  • Helps The Body To Gain Weight
  • Helps Regain Loss In Strength Due To An Illness
  • Enhances Immunity, Vitality and Vigour
  • Nourishes The Body From Within



As directed by an Ayurvedic Physician

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