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AVTAR (AVT Institute for Advanced Research) is the research wing of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore. AVTAR was formed in June 2003 with a view to organizing and streamlining the various research activities taken by the AVP Group in the last three to four decades.

AVTAR is committed to the task of engaging in research initiatives that can impact not only the activities of the AVP Group, but the entire field of Ayurveda at the national and international levels. AVTAR seeks to join hands with individuals and institutions pursuing similar objectives to achieve the goals that it has set before itself.

AVTAR has initiated prioritized research programs in the areas of literary, field, experimental and clinical research. These programs are expected to generate technical outputs that will facilitate informed decision making in research, education, pharmacy and practice of Ayurveda.

The results of research activities will be shared through publications like protocols, guidelines, methods, course materials, curricula, products, innovations, techniques, patents, published manuscripts, reports, papers, articles, books, discussions, lectures, training, seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops, electronic text archives, picture and video galleries, multimedia CDs, software, websites and portals.

The activities of AVTAR aim to blend the three areas of research, teaching and practice harmoniously to create a new breed of Ayurvedic physicians who can meet the challenges of globalization.

AVTAR has also initiated specific programs like RUDRA (Random Uninterrupted Documentation for Retrospective Analysis), PADAM (Program for Archiving and Documenting Ayurvedic Medicine), SASTRA (School for Advanced Surgical Training and Research in Ayurveda), NETRA (Natural Eye Treatment and Research in Ayurveda).